The Human Orchestra

BoNu$ DieZ


Hardcore MC. A performer of hard rap and reggae with hip-hop beats and jungle parties. Are you looking for powerful vocals that can energize any track? I am the very specimen, I am your choice! Poems and music of his own production. I am open to collaborations and ready to blow up the scene with joint projects.

A performer with 24 years of experience



Open Air


The underground rhyme master. I am ready to tour all over the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. The terms of the transfer and the fee are subject to detailed agreement. The language of the recitative: Russian.

A supporter of hardcore sound. The bass should be bold and the beat heavy, emphasizing every word.


My rhythms and rhymes live on the Internet. The poetry is specific, but worthy of attention.

Problems, reflections, chaos. I reflect the reality of our days. I have a bold mix of styles in my arsenal, and I am open to experimenting in any musical direction that makes my heart beat faster.

16 тонн


Live performances

Club "London" Tula

Dj HoT

Club "16 tons" Moscow

Open Air "Riverbass" MO

Dozhd-Major Club Moscow

Dj Deadman

Musical Arrangement

Rhythms for Your Project


For a rich and original sound

If you’re looking for sounds that can transform your commercial, movie, or creative project, BoNu$ DieZ offers a unique auditory palette. Hard and powerful tracks in the style of hardcore rap and reggae will become the voice of your brand, add character and uniqueness to your visual works.

Whether it’s a dynamic startup or an already established company, music from BoNu$ DieZ will give your advertisement an unforgettable character. The combination of modern rhythms and a non-standard approach to creating musical accompaniment will provide your advertising message with penetration and memorability.


Excerpts from a wide range of my works

У ног Храма
Здоровый образ рэпа
HoT (original jungle version)
HoT (Special Mix Edit from Dj Andrey aka HoT)
Up In Smoke Crew feat. BoNu$ DieZ - miniJah (demoprewiev)
Rulex J. Bro feat. BoNuS DieZ - My People (Dark Mix)
Звуки MMA (Special)


Live sound and clips

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